Ayubowan From Sri Lanka

When the wave of dense heat hits you and that first bead of sweat forms on your forehead. When you get the first whiff of ripe papaya mixed with a faint rubbery scent. When your ears pick up the sound of short, passive car horn honks.

That’s when you know you’ve finally arrived in Sri Lanka.

I know, for me, all of those senses are mixed with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and excitement.

My dad and I recently got back from an amazing two-week visit in Sri Lanka. We had a blast visiting with family (especially my super hip grandma), exploring, relaxing, and eating. Yes, I said eating…I’m not even going to pretend that I stuck to a strict, carb-free diet.


I love Sri Lanka for so many different reasons, from the wildlife to the lifestyle, and everything in between. I’ve been visiting since I was an infant because my dad’s parents have lived there my whole life. I know…I am super lucky:)

This time, I really wanted to share little snippets of life in Sri Lanka with everyone, so I took regular, short (less than 2 minute) videos for you! Of course, they don’t capture all of the awesomeness of this beautiful country, but they will give you a little glimpse.


Feel free to comment about the last awesome trip you took!